Beach Lot & Boat Launch

Beach Lot Gate Combination Lock

Our up to date (paid) members will be given the four-digit combination to access the beach lot on Lakeview Drive.  PLEASE NOTE - this is for up to date members only.  Do not share with anyone who is not a current member.  If you are current on dues and have not received the combination via mailer, please contact Beth Slade at to verify your membership status and receive the combination.

Beach Lot Rules

By and large, the biggest concern of our members is regulating access to the beach lot.  We ask that all members help to police the beach lot ourselves.  If you see someone violating the beach rules, leaving the gate open, launching a boat that they shouldn't, we ask that you speak up and put a stop to their behavior.

• The Association beach property is for the exclusive use of members and their guests.

• Please close & lock the gate behind you.

• A current membership card is required for entry. (gate combination on back of card)

• Beach hours are from sunrise to sunset.

• No automobile traffic is allowed in the beach lot from December 1 until April 1.

• NO LIFE GUARD is on duty at any time, so children must be supervised.

• An adult must accompany children under age 12.

• Disorderly conduct is not allowed and will result in expulsion.

• All trash must be disposed of properly.  Take with you when you leave.  Do not throw into burn pile!

• No glass bottles or containers are allowed in the beach lot at any time.

• Dogs and other pets are prohibited from the beach lot.

• Diving from the dock is prohibited.

• Fishing from the dock is prohibited.

• The designated swimming area is restricted at the north side of the dock.

• All swimming is prohibited in the boat launch area (south side of the dock).

Boat Launch & Safety Rules

• All boats must be kept in the boating area on the south side of the beach .

• Boat launching is limited to member owned boats only.

• NO GUEST BOATS allowed on lake.

• You must be a I.L.I.A member, and prove it (with membership card and beach lot tag) and show proof that you own the boat that you are launching.  See Boat Launch Key Holder List Below

• All boats must be kept in the boating area on the south side of the dock.

• Boats are not allowed to be moored at the dock at any time.

• Boating and water skiing (or tubing) is prohibited at or near the dock or swimming area.

• The designated swimming area is to the north of the dock. 

• Water skiing requires two people in the boat (or jet ski) at all times, with one acting as a spotter. 

• Water skiing and speed boating are limited to the hours of 10am – 8pm, and shall be operated in a counter clockwise direction in so far as reasonably possible. 

• All water safety laws and regulations must be strictly observed while boating according to* 

• No wake is allowed if operating a watercraft of any kind within 100’ of any shoreline.

* Any unsafe situation or activity, call 911 or Oakland County Non-Emergency Dispatch: 248-858-4950, option 8 

Boat Launch Key Holders

For everyone’s sanity, we recommend contacting key holders in advance of your need to launch especially holiday weekends.  Please contact one of the following key holders to request access to the launch.  Please note - you must provide proof of boat ownership and be current on ILIA dues in order to use the launch.   A $75 fee can be assessed for lost or stolen keys.

Justin Gillam

(on Ridgemont)


Eric Goetz

(on Indianside)


Scott Johnson

(on Lakeview)


Gary  & Judie Davis

(on Lakeview)

248-549-5446 (Gary)

248-549-5447 (Judie)

Richard Crisco

(on Markwood)


Bil & Posy Rzadkowolski

(on Lakeview)

248-672-6773 (Bill) 

248-563-4467 (Posy)

Roger Maxwell

(on Ridgemont)